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Integrative Somatic Sessions

Integrative Somatic Sessions

Integrative Somatic Sessions: 
Are you looking for a holistic, compassionate, gentle and profound way of healing? Do you believe that your mind and body are deeply interconnected and wise and that your body is holding onto stress and trauma from past experiences? I am here to help, guide and facilitate your path towards healing and wholeness.  

The Integrative Somatic Therapeutic sessions that I offer are deeply grounded in Somatic Experiencing. Somatic Experiencing was founded by Peter Levine. I am currently in the last year of my training and on track to be a fully qualified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in November 2024. 

With a background in dance and yoga, I always intuitively knew how important the body is in terms of us holding trauma in our body, and in using and incorporating our body and nervous system as a way of healing. My interest in the body, the nervous system and psychosomatic therapy led me to studying Somatic Experiencing. 

Additional training that I have done and that I draw from are psychosynthesis coaching and inner relationship focusing.  
I believe that there is a way forward towards more healing, peace and freedom for everyone.  And that we can find we can find our way there together.

I offer 1 hour online, one on one Integrative Somatic session at the price of $120.  


Feel free to get in touch and I look forward to working together. 

Welcome to the Healing Power of Integrative Somatic Sessions

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I offer 1-hour integrative somatic sessions for $120 and 1-hour aware parenting consultations for $120

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Denver, Colorado

Currently offering virtual sessions

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