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Aware Parenting Session

Aware Parenting Sessions

Aware Parenting Sessions with Josha

The Benefits of Aware Parenting Sessions

Aware Parenting Sessions: 
Are you struggling at times with parenting? Are you looking for compassionate ways of dealing with your child’s challenging behavior and do you want more connection, joy and ease in your relationship with your children?  

Aware Parenting can help with common parenting challenges in a way that allows us to understand the root cause of our child’s behaviors.

I am the mother of two girls and have found Aware Parenting to be transformational in dealing with challenges and in my relationship with my children.  

Aware Parenting was founded by Aletha Solter Ph.D. The three principles of Aware Parenting are: 

Attachment Style Parenting:  
Understanding and meeting the attachment needs of our children such as physical closeness, connection and bonding. Prompt and attuned responding to their needs where possible.  


Non-Punitive Discipline:  
Not using punishments and reward as a way of dealing with challenges but instead looking for the underlying needs, thoughts and feelings as well as respectful communication and peaceful conflict resolution in the family. 


Healing From Stress and Trauma:  
Recognizing that stress and trauma can cause behavior and emotional challenges and that crying, laughing and playing with loving connection are innate and powerful ways of healing for our children and for ourselves.  

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I offer 1-hour integrative somatic sessions for $120 and 1-hour aware parenting consultations for $120

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