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Josha Van Baalen

Hello, I'm Josha!

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in human behavior and why we as people act the way we do. That curiosity has led me down a beautiful path of discovering myself, my children and the people around me through different therapeutic modalities. 

My Background

Aware Parenting
Shortly after having my first child, I discovered Aware Parenting. Aware Parenting was founded by Aletha Solter Ph.D. and is an empathic style of attachment parenting. A way of raising children with a focus on connection, compassion and helping children heal from stress and trauma without the use of punishments and rewards. Aware Parenting became a big part of my life, and I became an Aware Parenting Coach in 2016 while living in Melbourne, Australia.

The passion I have for therapeutic parenting led me to my next deep dive into psychosynthesis. Psychosynthesis was founded by Roberto Assagioli and is an integrative approach to psychology that considers each individual to be unique in terms of our past, our present and our purpose in life and places value on the exploration of our potential as human beings. This integrative psychological framework is based on Sigmund Freud’s theory of the unconscious. It sees the human being as a whole and allows for deep self-understanding and compassion on different levels of our consciousness. I graduated as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach in 2021 while living in Denver, Colorado. 

Somatic Experiencing
With a background in dance and yoga, I always intuitively knew how important the body is in terms of us holding trauma in our body, and in using and incorporating our body and nervous system as a way of healing. My interest in the body, the nervous system and psychosomatic  
therapy led me to studying Somatic Experiencing. Developed by Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing is a body-mind therapy specifically focused on healing trauma by helping clients draw their attention to their bodies. I am currently in my advanced year of my Somatic Experiencing training and am expected to become a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in 2024. 

Inner Relationship Focusing
I am also currently training in Inner Relationship focusing. Inner relationship focusing on a gentle therapeutic process that allows you to access your body’s inherent wisdom. A body-oriented process of self-awareness and emotional healing. 

I love incorporating and drawing from these integrative and holistic therapeutic approaches in my work with clients. Specifically with a focus on somatic, trauma and attachment awareness. I am deeply drawn to this meaningful work and see it as an honor to walk alongside my clients and help guide them along their personal journeys.  

I am currently living in Denver, Colorado and offer online consultations for people all over the world. 

Email Me for a FREE 15-Minute Initial Consultation

I offer 1-hour integrative somatic sessions for $120 and 1-hour aware parenting consultations for $120

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